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Locating underground utilities is becoming more of a challenge as the vast array of lines on the ground continues to increase. As the ground under our feet becomes more congested with utility lines, it’s vital to identify the location of utilities — gas, fiber, water, telecommunications, and sewer — to ensure the safety of your crew and protect your bottom line. Basically, locating underground lines is similar to tuning into your favorite radio station, says Matt Manning, locating equipment product manager for McLaughlin. Each station transmits a different signal, and locators are like a radio designed to pick up those signals, says Manning. These signals help identify the exact location of an underground utility. Many utility lines give off a charge or transmit a signal, and in most cases, each line has a different charge or signal just like radio stations. However, some lines do not give off a charge or transmit a signal. In these cases, a transmitter can be used to induce a signal onto a metal line, which allows the locator to pick up the signal.


Specializing in the location of residential, commercial and industrial water leaks, air and gas leaks, helium leak detection, ultrasonic leak detection, electric ground faults, sewer gas odor detection, video inspection of sewer lines, thermal imaging, post tension cables and rebar locating and the location of subsurface utilities.


A fitting is used in pipe systems to connect straight pipe or tubing sections, adapt to different sizes or shapes and for other purposes, such as regulating (or measuring) fluid flow. “Plumbing” is generally used to describe the conveyance of water, gas, or liquid waste in domestic or commercial environments; “piping” is often used to describe the high-performance (high-pressure, high-flow, high-temperature or hazardous-material) conveyance of fluids in specialized applications. “Tubing” is sometimes used for lighter-weight piping, especially that flexible enough to be supplied in coiled form.

Backflow Issues

Backflow preventers are more than just fittings on a system of piping to deliver water. The are installed in the irrigation system to protect our drinking water, save lives and prevent illness. If you understand what they do and why they are needed, you will be able to ensure that the projects you are involved with complying with local codes. A good understanding of irrigation backflow will also help to reduce the risk of litigation against you from creating a cross connection and putting public health at risk.

California and local codes have now been developed to identify the requirements for ensuring that the water distribution system provides safe water. Local codes vary, but most cities have established guidelines on the type of backflow preventers to install to help protect the potable water supply. You should become familiar with your local codes as they relate to irrigation systems.

Water Heaters

Encompass Inspections specializes in locating and marking underground utility mains and service lines. We use state-of-the-art methods including radio detection (RD) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) to make sure every possible utility is located.


Transform any living space – from basement to sunroom, or even your whole home – with self-adjusting heat that keeps room temperature consistent, from floor to ceiling. Relax, knowing that nearly 100 years of engineering, quality, and confidence go into every product we make. Enjoy savings that only this kind of efficiency and dependability can deliver. Save time, with a simple, versatile installation that fits your home seamlessly. We install… we repair.


We take care of all faucet installations and repairs. A DIY fix on a drippy faucet is not always as simple as it seems. We had customers that have tried it on their own and end up damaging the faucet with nicks, and still hadn’t fixed the drip.


Believe it or not, your landscaping could be a danger to your plumbing system. Tree roots will travel long distances to find water, especially when drought conditions persist. When trees and shrubs get thirsty, they follow the trail of moisture vapors escaping from small cracks, holes or poorly sealed joints in water and sewer lines. Roots penetrate these openings to reach the nutrients and moisture inside the pipes.

If not stopped, roots can completely fill a pipe with multiple hair-like root masses at each point of entry. These root wads quickly become clogged with grease and other debris flowing from homes to the main sewer line, resulting in reduced flow and slowed drains. A complete blockage may occur if the roots are not removed. With nowhere to go, waste water and sewage may back up into your home.

Also included in our list of services are, gas l ines, disposals, shower valves, preventative maintenance, and much more!  Just call and ask!


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“Michael at MCM Plumbing is our go-to professional when it comes to plumbing. He comes out to our McDonald’s restaurants day or night when we need something done to accommodate our business hours saving down time.” Mike McQuillen

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“Michael is a great guy, has done work for us in the past that I’ve been happy with. I would recommend him as a professional.” John Lopes

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“Michael Morin is the one to call for plumbing services! My first experience seeing his work was on a home remodel. He is very prompt and stays on task. I feel comfortable recommending MCM Plumbing for residential or commercial projects.” Daniel Lausch

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